Acespark art
Hey, my name is Ace and I do art... Obviously! I love gaming and watching interesting shows, so some (maybe "most"...) of my art will be related to that.

I'm a graphic designer and artist who also does some traditional art as well. I'm not sure where I'm aiming yet, but I'm sure I'll get there when I figure it out. For now I guess I'm just trying to improve!

If you love any games, shows, or movies you think I'll like throw them my way and I'll try to play/watch them!

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I tried to shove as much stuff as I could onto one page
I think it worked


My mega buster can cut the mustard


why must i love only the minor characters

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more color scheme thingies

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I actually made an art blog…… It is a miracle… 

Anyway, now you guys don’t have to sift through all my other dumb posts if you don’t want to- I’m going to post all my art here from now on. (Instead of at wykkyds.)

How do I even start an art blog? Do I post all my previous art that I like? Do I just start over? Who knows, lmao. It’s probably going to be the last option.