Acespark art
Hey, my name is Ace and I do art... Obviously! I love gaming and watching interesting shows, so some (maybe "most"...) of my art will be related to that.

I'm a graphic designer and artist who also does some traditional art as well. I'm not sure where I'm aiming yet, but I'm sure I'll get there when I figure it out. For now I guess I'm just trying to improve!

If you love any games, shows, or movies you think I'll like throw them my way and I'll try to play/watch them!

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Bab didn’t make it. I saw cute fanart of Rosalina reading to Lucas though, so I decided to join in. Ttyl, drowning in tears. :(

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that feel when you thought you saved something but it turns out you didnt

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Happy 20th, Earthbound! Unfortunately I have nothing to post, but today is a very special day indeed.

my new icon!

ok yeah i ship them


his hair is cute but it’s so stupid how hard it is to draw

(behold the inconsistency that makes it look like i have 25 styles)

i made a person… but who are they

maybe a rain spirit

new day new style, apparently

Don’t worry guys, we’re practicing.